PL 2700-HP

PL 227-HP

27" High Performance Heated Roll Laminator

At last, a superb quality US made laminator to bridge the gap between "toys" and expensive entry level commercial machines. It is capable of operating at speeds up to 16 FPM and laminating all types of thermal laminating films as thick as 10 mil and can mount to a wide variety of substrates to 3/16" thick. With a warm up of less than 5 minutes the machine may be simply turned on when you need it, which translates into very significant annual energy savings. The accesories on this machine, which are more orientated for a small to medium print shop or high performance laminating, include 3" supply mandrels, and welded steel stand, some other options are, additional slitters and feed guides. With our optional liner take up assembly, it is capable of applying, hot (thermal) laminates or cold (pressure sensitive laminates) as well. Due to the superior heat replacement characteristics of our exclusive patented Revolution Series heated roll system, the PL 227hp is particularly suited to simultaneous mounting and laminating on thermally activated adhesive foam board. While providing the superior scratch and stretch free finish inherent with our heated roll technology, the bond is so aggressive that any attempt to peel off laminated material will result in total destruction of the foam board. If you are in the market for a machine with a 27" capability, ease of operation and superior finish results at a reasonable price, this is the laminating machine for you.

The standard PL-227hp package includes a stand, slitters, and 3" mandrels. This laminator is also available in a table top model with 1" core mandrels.

There are several options available for this machine such as, additional mandrels 1" or 3", wheels for the stand, core stops for rapid film changing,  additional slitters and feed guides.

  • 27" Wide Lamination at 16 FPM
  • Patented Rollers, Warm Up < 5 min.
  • Laminates all film grades -10.0 mil 1 side or 2
  • Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response
  • Variable Speed Control, Reversible
  • Laminates/Mounts Thru .25" Thick
  • Affordable Price and Considerable Energy Savings
  • 12"dia.+ Film Roll Capacity
  • Digital Temperature Read Out + Control
  • Lower Cooling Fans
  • Ultra Duty Welded Steel Stand Standard
  • Exclusive Micro Adjustable Slitter Assembly
  • The Industry's Most Affordable Professional Grade Laminating Machinery
Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon PL227HP.pdf

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