Phoenix 4400-DHP

44" Thermal & PSA Laminator

The Phoenix™ 4400-DHP Thermal & PSA Laminator continues the evolution of the Southwest line of Phoenix laminators, offering a sleek design full of useful features to complete both thermal and PSA applications. The 4400-DHP promises long-term durability and reliable performance at an economical price point which will easily fit into your budget.

Running at a speed of up to 8 feet per minute with large 41⁄2" heated rollers, the Phoenix 4400-DHP meets high-volume production requirements while maintaining heat consistency for beautiful output. The unit's 44" width capacity is an ideal match for your digital wide format output for both PSA and thermal finishing, encapsulating or mounting in both applications. A safety photo eye prevents entanglement with the unit, and a sleep mode activates after 3 hours of non-use; after 4 hours, the unit shuts off completely. Applications include placemats, trade show graphics, rigid displays, POP displays, flexible displays, window graphics, banners, and much more!


●Wide Capacity: Accepts materials up to 44" wide

●Mounting Capacity: Mounts substrates up to 1⁄4" thick

●Film Thickness: Runs 1.5 mil to 10 mil films and PSA

●Core Diameter: Accepts 21/4" and 3" cores

●Independent Heat Controls: Adjustable temperature controls with digital readout offers complete control over operation

●Variable Speed: Run at speeds up to 8 feet per minute

●Heated Silicone Coated Rollers: Large 41⁄2" heated silicone-coated rollers ensure even heat and pressure distribution

●PSA Liner Rewind: Winds up material coming from unit

●Cooling Fans: Ensure flat output, useful for heavier films

●J Channel: For easy loading on bottom roll

●Independent Tension Control: For maximum control over torque and speed

●Sleep Mode and Auto Shut-Off: Sleep mode activates after 3 hours of non-use and shuts off completely after 4 hours

●Safety Photo Eye: Prevents entanglement with unit

●Electrical Requirements: 220 VAC, 15 Amps

Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon Phoenix 4400-DHP.pdf

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