GBC Foton 30

Foton 30 Automatic Laminator

Fully Automatic Desktop Laminator

Introducing the fully automatic desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and trims with the touch of a button.  Foton 30 revolutionizes the way you laminate.  Equipped with built-in auto feeder and trimmer, Foton 30 delivers automatic lamination - freeing up your time for other activities.


Hands Free Lamination

  • Machine feeds, laminates and trims automatically, giving you time to multitask on other projects
  • Pouch-free design lets you place documents in the tray, press run button and walk away. Starts automatically start once warmed up.
  • Film cartridges are auto-threading. Simply place the cartridge inside and close the lid. 50' starter cartridge included.
  • 3 mode options let you laminate letter size pages, oversize documents and odd shapes. Load up to 30 letter size sheets in the Auto-Feeder.
  • Laminate up to 230 documents per cartridge. A sensor controls spacing to minimize film waste and prevent jams.
  • Auto de-skew straightens pages so they feed evenly. Other features include auto shut off and mil thickness detection. Comes with 2 year or 5000 laminate warranty.
Feeder Capacity 30 Sheets (20lb. bond)

Auto Mode

Manual Mode

Three Operation Modes

Auto Feed/Auto Trim

Manual Feed/Auto Trim

Manual Feed/Manual Trim

Maximum Paper Size

11 x 17"

Minimum Paper Size 5 x 6"
Paper Weight - Auto Feed 65 - 120 gsm
Paper Weight - Manual Feed 65 - 250 gsm
Warm-Up Time 3 - 4 minutes

3 mil - 700 mm/min. (2.33 fpm)

5 mil - 650 mm/min. (2.16 fpm)

Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon Foton 30 Laminator.pdf

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