Wire-O Bind 3500 (WOB)

James Burn Wire-O Bind 3500 (WOB)

Semi Automatic Wire Binder

The James Burn Wire-O® Bind 3500 (WOB) provides high-speed Wire-O® finishing 'on-demand' from cost-efficient spools. At 500-1000 books per hour, the WOB3500 is super-fast, yet simple to operate with all size and format setups instantly adjustable by user-friendly 'touch screen' electronic controls. The automatic functions cut, feed and position the wire for insertion; then sends the document to a patented closing unit that now accurately positions the document, without the need for stops or paper guides.

The versatile WOB3500 is designed to work alongside the highly successful Alpha-Doc® MK4  and DocuPunch® Plus Automatic Punching Machines, accurately finishing a wide variety of documents, including oversize covers & tabbed sheets, for all Wire-O® sizes up to 1-1/4". Together, they are the perfect high-speed Wire-O® finishing solution for today's modern in-plant, digital and 'on-demand' printing environments, where ease-of-use, versatility and productivity are a must.


Automatically cuts wire to length, feeds and positions wire for insertion; accurately sends book to patented closing station, and delivers book to an exit conveyor (sold separately). No special training required.

  • All size and format functions are setup and instantly adjustable by user-friendly Touch Screen Electronic Controls.
  • Wire-O® size changeovers are done in 2-5 minutes.
  • The optional Hanger Feeder is a simple "plug and play" unit. It inserts calendar hangers from reeled hanger spool or from loose hangers. 
  • Finishes from economical Wire-O® spools. Automatic features reduce setup waste.
  • Finishes flush cut and overhanging covers, as well as extended index tabs.
  • Operator-friendly with large table-top workstation helps reduce fatigue. Cycles with push-button or foot petal switch.
  • Spool Loading is done at floor level. Wire power lifted into position.
  • Installation is simple. Caster wheels allow easy placement. No air required.

Skip Binding:

  • 3:1 Pitch: 2 x 8 loops min/ 2 x 19 loop max with a spacing of 3 loops minimum and 25 loops maximum.
  • 2:1 Pitch: 2 x 5 loops min/ 2 x 13 loop max with a spacing of 2 loops minimum and 18 loops maximum.
Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon Wire O Bind 3500.pdf

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