FD 404A1 Air Jogger

FD 404A1

High-Capacity Air Jogger

The FD 404A1 High-Capacity Air Jogger features improved ergonomics and a contemporary color scheme, and is ideal for print shops and production houses. This upright air jogger aligns and dries printed sheets as a single process, while removing static electricity. Variable vibration speed and air pressure controls combine to reduce jogging time, allowing press sheets and digital printouts to be air-dried immediately.

Its V-shaped jog bin allows for jogging a criss-cross stacked pile of papers, while the vertical to horizontal tilt feature helps keeps large paper stacks from bending. With a capacity of up to 940 sheets, standard or foot pedal operation, and all-metal construction, the FD 404A1 is an ideal piece of equipment for any print shop.

  • Align, Dry, Remove Static in One Step: The FD 404A1 Air Jogger is ideal for print shops and production houses as it aligns and dries printed sheets in a single process while reducing static electricity Foot Pedal Control: Allows for two-handed loading and unloading Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Variable Speed Control: Up to 3,000 vibrations per minute
  • Variable Air Pressure Control: Up to 29,000 rpm, reduces jogging time
  • Tilting Jog Bin: V-shaped bin adjusts from vertical to horizontal to accommodate various operating requirements, including large format paper stacks, and criss-cross stacked piles
  • High Capacity: Jogs up to 940 sheets 20#
  • 60-Second Countdown Timer: Capable of unattended jogging
  • Operating Modes: Vibrate and Air, Air-only and Vibrate-only
Variable Vibration Speed: Up to 3,000 vpm
Variable Air Control: Up to 29,000 rpm
Bin Size: 3.75” D x 20.375” W
Media Size: 5” x 7” Min - 12” x 18” Max
Sheet Capacity: Up to 940 sheets 20# Sheet Capacity: Up to 940 sheets 20#
Dimensions: 21” W x 18” D x 54” H
Weight: 100 lbs
Voltage: 110V/120V, 50/60 Hz
Safety Certifications: CE Approved

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