Dahle 472 Premium Rolling Trimmer

Dahle 472 Premium Rolling Trimmer - 72" Cutting Length

Dahle 472

72" Premium Rolling Trimmer

Dahle’s 472 Premium Rolling Trimmer offers six feet of superior cutting performance. It features all the benefits you’d expect from our Premium Series, with an extra-long 72” cutting length.

The Dahle 472 is a German Engineered commercial grade tool, with the ability to cleanly cut oversize banners, mat board, and fine art paper with the highest level of accuracy. It features a ground rotary blade, and a self-sharpening cutting system that cuts and sharpens in either direction. This action maintains the blade’s precision graduated edge, allowing it to remove even the tiniest sliver of paper, and produce a clean, burr free cut – each and every time.

As with all Dahle products, safety is at the forefront of design, and this trimmer is no exception. To keep hands in the safe zone, the trimmer’s blade is almost entirely enclosed- which virtually eliminates the chance of injury.

Holding your work securely is no longer necessary. The integrated, automatic clamping system provides even pressure, and prevents your work from shifting. For durability, the 472 features a sturdy metal base designed to provide a solid foundation for rigorous use. For measuring, this base contains carefully screened guides, and an adjustable backstop – Which is the easiest way to ensure consistent accuracy during repetitive cutting.

With 72” of cutting length, Dahle’s 472 Premium Rolling Trimmer is the preferred choice of among professional photographers, sign makers, and print & copy shops.

  • Cut Length: 72"
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 12 sheets
  • Blade Type: Rotary
  • German engineered for precision
  • Features:
  • Blade encased in a protective housing
  • Easily trims standard size matboard
  • Self sharpening blade cuts in both directions
  • Automatic clamp holds work securely
  • Sturdy metal base with preprinted guides
  • Imprinted protractor for angled cuts
Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon Premium Series Rolling Trimmers.pdf

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