Reconditioned P31 Powis Printer

FastBack Spine Printer

Digital spine printer that produces detailed foil images, logos and text directly on the spine of your Fastback® Super Strip bound document for easy identification on a bookshelf. You can design titles horizontally, vertically or stacked and in type sizes from 8 points to 84 points. You can use either the P31's special keyboard which has 11 built-in fonts or connect the PowisPrinter to your PC and use your own fonts and logos. The printer's software divides the spines into zones which allow for multiple type styles, sizes and orientations on the same strip. 

Reconditioned P31 Powis Printer
90 day warranty 
Subject to availability


  • Average Printing Time: 20 seconds
  • Strip length: A5, 8.5", 9", 11", A4, 14", 14.875"
  • Direct Input Device: Powis Printer Typewriter Keyboard
  • Resident Fonts: Times, Bodoni, Palatino, Univers, Univers Condensed, Avant Garde, Clarendon Condensed, Gill Sans Condensed, Microstyle, Zapf Chancery
Dimensions 14"W x 12"H x 9.25"D
Weight 22.25 lbs.
Average Printing Time 20 seconds
Strip Length A5, 8.5", 9", 11", A4, 14"
Power 120V, 50/60 Hz, 7 amps
Direct Input Device Powis Printer Keyboard

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