Reconditioned FastBack Model 11

Tape Binding Machine

For the office that requires a workhorse binder at an affordable price, the Fastback® 11 is the perfect choice. It is built tough, and is capable of tape binding a document in 35 seconds or less. It is a high-volume machine designed for durability and easy cleaning. It is perfect for the office that regularly produces a large volume of documents under 1/2” (1.27cm), and is looking for an economical alternative to the Fastback® 15xs binder

Reconditioned FastBack Model 11 Tape Binder
90 day warranty
Subject to availability


  • Binds 10 to 125 sheets in 20-35 seconds
  • Heavy-duty machine, yet affordable
  • Editable binding
Spine Lengths 8.5", 11"
Binding Capacity 10 - 125 sheets (0.5 inches)
Binding Time 15-35 seconds
Warm Up Time 3.5 minutes
Power 115V, 60Hz, 6.5 amps

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